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What is bespoke testing panel development?

Our bespoke panel development operates as part of our Research and Development department. Simply put, bespoke panel development uses our next-generation MultiPath technology as a base to design a unique, highly sensitive, and accurate early pathogen detection tool for customers.

Why develop your own bespoke testing panel?

Some of our customers develop their own propriety panels to gain a competitive advantage and unique value proposition. Bespoke panels can solve unique issues that can’t be fixed by readily available means.

Meet your panel development R&D team

Dr. Melony Sellars

Dr. Melony Sellars


Dr. Melony Sellars has 20 years of experience in Aquaculture, with an in-depth background in shrimp aquaculture. She has extensive expertise in the application of novel biotech solutions for industry, genetics and breeding programs

Dr. Ralf Moser

Dr. Ralf Moser

R&D Director

Dr. Ralf Moser has over 20 years of global leadership experience in Biotechnology. His wide-ranging expertise extends to all major genomics applications to identify and detect genetic variations in human, animals, bacteria and viruses.

Dr. Joanna Gerszon

Dr. Joanna Gerszon

Senior R&D Scientist

Dr. Joanna Gerszon received her PhD at the University of Lodz, Poland. She is a molecular biologist with broad expertise in biophysics, cell biology and molecular biotechnology, both academic and industrial with special emphasize on bioanalysis and assay development.

Dr. Berit Genz

Dr. Berit Genz

Senior R&D Scientist

Dr. Berit Genz holds a PhD in cell biology from the University of Rostock, Germany. She has profound knowledge in molecular biology, histology and genetics in both humans and animals.

Indicative project timeline

The example timeline below extends for 12 months, but depending on your requirements, your timeline may run from 9 to 18 months

What our clients say about Genics

“Continual improvement in company procedures, protocols and operations is one of VietUc’s foundations of success. We turned to Genics when it came to reviewing and raising the standards of our Biosecurity across the VietUc grow out Business. It was one of the best decisions ever made. I highly recommend the Biosecurity services of Team Genics.”

Mr Tung Ma, CTOVietUc Group, Vietnam

“Our team at Kona Bay Indonesia are very impressed with Genics approach to data-driven decision making helping our facilities produce healthy, robust locally grown Indonesian Kona Bay broodstock that are SPF. Their helpful team give us confidence through designing statistically significant health sample programs and providing training in sampling for pathogen testing. Shipping is always fast, and the paperwork simple. Thank you Genics”.

Ari SetiardhiGeneral Manager at Kona Bay Indonesia

“Results from Genics Shrimp MultiPath provided us with trusted information about our animal’s health allowing us to make important data-driven management decisions. Ultimately, the data provides us with a competitive advantage and when combined with very good value for money and excellent customer service we’ll happily call on Genics for further insights into our animal health”.

Ana Carolina de Barros Guerrelhas, Socia-DirectoraAquatec, Brazil

“Genics are an expert team providing complete Shrimp Health solutions to our industry that add genuine value customised to each business. Their proprietary Shrimp MultiPath platform provides unrivalled quality controlled data for multiple pathogen detection – something that is not available anywhere else in the world. I would happily recommend Genics to anyone requiring Shrimp Health Solutions”.

Dr. David KawahigashiVannamei 101, USA

“With the aim of increasing shrimp production on our farms in Indonesia and better understanding the health of our shrimp, I turned to Genics for testing using Shrimp MultiPath. After a simple tissue sampling process, our samples were sent to Australia with test results ready within 48 hours of receiving the samples in the lab. The results helped our team understand how we can further improve animal health leading to stronger and disease resistant shrimp in future harvests. Also, a bonus, is the data showing that we can improve water quality management on our farms leading to healthier shrimp”.

Mr. Joko Sasongko, ChairmanPT. Noerwi Aqua Farm, Ujung Genteng South Sukabumi West Java - Indonesia

“As a repeat customer, I am constantly impressed how Genics data allows me to make crucial data-driven decisions leading to improved farm performance. We have used Shrimp MultiPath a number of times as a mechanism to better understand the overall health of our shrimp. This in turn helps our farm reduce risk of disease, lower costs and increase productivity”

Carlos ElizaldeOro del Pacifico, Guatamala

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