Prima Larvae Bali partners with Genics

to achieve premium biosecurity standards, enhanced product quality & growth

Genics services are a good investment for us. We have peace of mind, knowing that Genics is an accredited pathogen detection lab. We can also say to our customers that we have external pathogen verification by an internationally recognized provider with a great reputation.
Henry Wijaya, Chairman, Prima Larvae Bali

Prima Larvae Bali is a premier supplier of post-larvae to the Indonesian shrimp industry.

Prima Larvae Bali partnered with Genics in 2020 to enable enhanced biosecurity, professional training, and commercial growth. 

Video: Henry Wijaya, Chairman of Prima Larvae Bali talks about working with Genics to grow his business

Prima Larvae Bali’s mission: biosecurity prestige 

In 2020, Prima Larvae Bali was in a period of rapid expansion. Company founder Henry Wijaya was looking for a biosecurity partner to help take his business to a market-dominating position.  

Henry’s engagement with Genics began with a recommendation from a colleague who spoke highly of Genics’ robust standards, collaborative approach, and innovative technology. 

Henry Wijaya, Chairman, Prima Larvae Bali:  

“Genics has a fresh approach to analysis and training services, which is why we initially started talking to them. Genics has solid accreditation and a scientific approach to biosecurity.” 

Following initial conversations with Genics’ commercial development team, Prima Larvae Bali partnered with Genics to conduct regular laboratory pathogen testing of their shrimp. This partnership gave Prima Larvae Bali a competitive edge in a local industry where accredited laboratory testing procedures are not widely used. 

Genics provides Prima Larvae Bali with industry-leading pathogen early-detection 

Genics conducts regular early-detection shrimp pathogen testing for Prima Larvae Bali, using its Shrimp MultiPath2.0™ laboratory technology. 

Talking about the partnership with Genics, Henry Wijaya said: 

“We send samples to Genics to do disease screening for our broodstock in our breeding program. And also we send samples from our production facility to make sure that all the animals we ship to our customers are clean. We do that to bring value to our customers; to give them an assurance that genics, as an external lab, verifies that our animals are clean.” 

Talking about Genics’ work for Prima Larvae Bali, Genics CEO Dr. Melony Sellars said: 

“The Genics team and Prima Larvae Bali have worked really closely together to design sample programs that ensure the highest possible standards of health testing. We’ve even done training courses on-site for Pima Larvae Bali. So it’s been a really close relationship with all members of their team.” 

Genics performs all its testing at its ISO17025 certified laboratories in Australia, so Prima Larvae Bali sends its samples to Genics’ Australian laboratory via a rapid, secure shipping process. Genics also provides a secure online portal, myGenics, for sample and report management.

Genics uses Shrimp MultiPath2.0 to test every sample for 18 pathogens and subvariants, including the most economically damaging, like WSSV, AHPND, EHP, and IMNV.  

Pathogens detected by Shrimp MultiPath2.0 include: 

Test data produced by Genics is delivered directly to Prima Larvae Bali in an encrypted format to protect it from interception or misuse. 

The limit of detection (LOD) accuracy of Genics’ Shrimp MultiPath2.0 testing exceeds WOAH and industry standards, even with very low pathogen levels. You can learn more about Genics ShrimpMultipath2.0 LOD here, or download the LOD brochure here.  

Learn more about Shrimp MultiPath and Genics’ other shrimp health and biosecurity services here.  

(Below: Genics CEO Dr. Melony Sellars conducting hands-on shrimp anatomy training at the Prima Larvae Bali offices.) 

A value-adding partnership 

“It’s been great from the start; smooth sailing,” Henry Wijaya said, commenting on Prima Larvae Bali’s partnership with Genics. 

Genics conducts all biosecurity and pathogen laboratory work at its ISO17025 accredited Australian laboratories to ensure consistently excellent testing standards.  

Genics sample collection systems are easy to use on the farm, and Genics supplies Prima Larvae Bali with the barcoded sample collection tubes and data sheets required. Genics also provides short training sessions and easy-to-follow guides to Prima Larvae Bali’s team, covering all aspects of sample collection, sterile packing, and preparation for shipping. 

“Shipping to Australia was a learning curve in the beginning, but Genics managed to help us familiarise with the process, and it was great since,” Henry said.  

Genics CEO Melony Sellars – a widely experienced shrimp pathogen expert – has been a key contact point for Prima Larvae Bali, personally conducting sample preparation training for its team members. Prima Larvae Bali also works closely with Genics’ commercial and logistics team to make the sample shipping and testing process easy and efficient. 

The Genics team has regular conversations with Prima Larvae Bali about all aspects of their operation, from facility maintenance to stock levels and breeding cycle status. This consultation is essential to managing customized sampling plans for their pathogen testing. 

Genics has helped Prima Larvae Bali achieve internationally recognized biosecurity status. With a well-oiled mechanism in place for sample delivery, Prima Larvae Bali Chairman Henry Wijaya sees sending samples to Australia for testing as a growth driver. 

“Genics is a certified company, it’s got a good reputation, and it really adds value to our business,” Henry noted.  

Prima Larvae Bali has gained a competitive advantage with Genics 

Genics has enabled Prima Larvae Bali to achieve optimal standards for biosecurity and provides ongoing consultation and services to ensure that its pathogen-free status is upheld.  

Talking about the commercial leverage Genics services give Prima Larvae Bali in Indonesia, Chairman Henry Wijaya said: 

“We are one of the very few hatcheries (in Indonesia) that focus on biosecurity. We know Genics shares the same values and can ensure our clean facilities and broodstock.”  

“Genics services are a good investment for us. We have peace of mind, knowing that Genics is an accredited pathogen detection lab. We can also say to our customers that we have external pathogen verification by an internationally recognized provider with a great reputation.” 

Download the Prima Larvae Bali case study:

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