Genics Shrimp Health Masterclass Course 2024

Presented by Genics & Sam Ratulangi University, 4 – 9 March 2024

About the course:

Genics Shrimp Health Masterclass is designed for people working in the commercial shrimp industry who want to enhance their knowledge and accelerate their professional prospects. 

Topics covered in the course will include aquaculture management, shrimp health, and scientific breeding technology. The course also includes an onsite grow-out farm visit for all participants to observe operations in a real-world setting.

The course instruction will be delivered by shrimp health experts from Sam Ratulangi University and Genics.

Participants in Genics Shrimp Health Masterclass Course 2024 will learn advanced techniques in 

  • Shrimp pathogen early detection 
  • Shrimp genomic analysis
  • Breeding program strategy
  • Scientific breeding optimization
  • Advanced shrimp health management
  • Latest techniques in farm biosecurity
  • Professional laboratory techniques
  • Aquaculture management

A Certificate of Achievement will be presented to all students who complete the Genics Shrimp Health Masterclass Course 2024.

The Genics Shrimp Health Masterclass Course 2024 follows the tremendous success of Genics prior 2023 Sustainable Shrimp Aquaculture Course, co-hosted with the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.  

(Images above: 2023 Shrimp Health Course in Australia – Photos Copyright the University of Queensland & Genics, taken at the joint UQ & Genics program on Sustainable Shrimp Aquaculture at the University of Queensland.)

About the presenters:

Sam Ratulangi University is committed to the highest standards of education and research, with a particular emphasis on science, agriculture, and aquaculture.

Genics is an industry-leading provider of animal health services specializing in pathogen detection and genetic breeding programs for the shrimp industry. Genics is based in Australia and provides services to the worldwide shrimp industry. 

Course information:

4 – 9 March 2024

Sam Ratulangi University
Unsrat Campus, Manado
Bahu Village, Malalayang District
Manado City, North Sulawesi

Cost per student:
Rp. 9.000.000

For more information about the course, please contact Reiny Tumbol, Genics Client Success Manager in Indonesia:

How to apply:

Please click the button below to fill out your application form:

Course participation is strictly limited to 30 students and based on merit, so please submit your application immediately to avoid disappointment.